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KARINA M. Testa Graphic Designer, Photographer & Creative Director
 I am an artist who is inspired by nature, and the power of how color and emotion attract attention to an idea. I have a passion for the art world and its historic influences, and enjoy pulling on the past to influence the future. This applies well within advertising. Intrigued by reactions that inspire design, social media now is instant gratification for our culture. I use these concepts to build an understanding on the advance of the digital realm of e-marketing, and the tried and true history of printed media. With my first degree in Visual Communications, I found the printing industry calling my talent–the idea that a CMYK rosette can make all the images we see on paper just pulled me in. Starting as a digital prepress artist, I soon worked up to management. I wanted to use my experience to better the community and somehow to travel the world. The Military was my next calling. I joined the U.S. Navy Seabees and served as a reservist with Naval Mobile Construction Battalion 18 as a Photographer, Public Affairs Officer and Builder. After returning from military deployments for OIF and OEF, I wanted to round out my my print production knowledge, and update my skill for the digital ages in photography and graphic design. I graduated with a BFA in Graphic Design & Visual Communications as well as achieving a BFA in Commercial Photography. I recently retired after 22 years with many new influences and ideas to support our Veteran culture, to design and develop more to show the female Veterans that have been hidden for years. I have been freelancing for the last ten years, working with my clients to bring out their style to represent their branding. Much success has come from these ventures, and I want to do more combining my influences, ideas with business strategies. I have my side business as an Feline, Equine & Canine Photographer for my pet sitting clients at KT Paw Studios, enjoying how animals always make us smile. I offer expertise in creative art direction for promotional marketing, industrial and environmental design, UX web design. I am also well versed in Commercial photography, video editing, master layouts and digital illustration. I can assist with design conceptualization or re-branding for your business, offer creative direction following many industry standards, or something new for marketable multimedia and strategic print planning for your project. I offer expertise with color theory, web design, digital editing, editorial photography and art direction. I look forward to working with you! KT Hello! So nice to meet you!