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Karen  M. Testa

Graphic Designer, Photographer & Creative Director
Hello Fellow Dreamers! Welcome to my vision of the world. I hope to inspire you in my colorful universe.
 My background started as a digital prepress artist in the print industry, then I joined the U.S. Navy Seabees to give back to my country and served with NMCB 18 as a Public Affairs Officer/Construction Builder, and retired happily after 22 years. Upon returning from my military deployments for OIF and OEF, I wanted to upgrade my experience to a more professional level in graphic design and photography to support my print production knowledge. I graduated with a BFA in Graphic Design & Visual Communications, as well as achieving my BFA in Commercial Photography and Video Editing. Over the last few years, after working with several large companies, I found myself drawn to the "why do we" of multimedia, and continued my education and earned my certification as a User Experience Designer in 2023. I apply all of these skills in creative art direction for promotional marketing strategies, UX research, social media, animation and much more, including color theory, web design, digital editing, editorial photography and art direction. I can assist with design conceptualization or re-branding for your business, offer creative direction following industry standards, or create something new for marketable multimedia and strategic print planning for your project. I have a passion for the art world and its historic influences, especially within advertising. Intrigued by reactions that inspire design, how color and emotion attract attention to an idea. Social media now is instant gratification for our culture. I use these concepts to build an understanding on the advance of the digital realm of e-marketing, and the tried and true history of printed media. I look forward to working with you! KT