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Creative Direction, Marketing & Promotional Pieces Kmtconcepts Graphic Design

Spaz E. Kitty & Friends

Story Character Design & Promotion

This is an introductory story about Spaz E. Kitty®, an abandoned kitty who is at a shelter hoping to be adopted. The story tells how he discovers how to have fun, and meets his best friends Tig R. Kitty and Curl E. Kitty, and finds his forever home with his new "Mom". Designed & Illustrated, Art Direction, book layout, character development and branded cat toys, dishes, packaging and promotional items. Animated PDF: Super Silly Spaz E. Kitty Book

Wen Hair Care System

Advertising Campaign

A magazine advertising campaign aimed at women who follow and understand the whole trend of “Zen”, as well as women who want to attain a peaceful tranquility by using this product that is easy to add to their busy routine at home instead of a salon. There are 5 different calming scents, the initial campaign is using the best selling product of Almond-mint scent.

Concept Advertising

Photographic Art Direction/

Digital Illustration


Advertising cover designs for GLAMOUR Magazine, GD USA and other magazine advertising campaigns. Using advanced knowledge with art direction, photography, digital illustration, layout and type setting.