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BRANDING & MARKETING Design Brand Development
Seabright Seafood Company Branding Package

Art Direction and Design for development of company brand, including Logo Development, Business Cabinet, Business/Location Photography Website and Advertisements for e-commerce and direct sales.

Laura Donnell ARNP Company Brand Package

Art direction and design for development of company brand, including logo development, business cabinet, portrait photography, website design, SEO, social media connections and online advertisements.

Kahrs Lawfirm Website Company Brand Package

This project was requested from the client to update their business website that was over ten years old. The design was based on the client's main focus of their practice, Civil Rights Law for new clients. Attention was placed on updating the business theme,  using the color palette of the existing logo.

To create a sense and trust of American justice, with the rich feel of heritage, images of the constitution, with a hint of the American flag in the background were picked for the opening page banner. From there imagery was used to represent the different practice areas without a certain personage, identifying only places of justice.